Financial Facelift: Debt doubts cast shadow for world-class city with major expenses

Toronto chose to put low taxes ahead of infrastructure and services, but it has put her in a bit of a bind. She is 181 years old and has diverse thriving industries, a vibrant cultural scene, and well-loved municipal services like parks and libraries.

She has several major expenses, ranging from large-scale capital projects to everyday service improvements, all of which she wants to pay for without raising taxes or going into debt. As the nation’s economic hub, Toronto has substantial earning power — but she chooses to take in less revenue than she could. Continue reading Financial Facelift: Debt doubts cast shadow for world-class city with major expenses

The Year In Me

This year I started learning how to use my Wacom! These are a few illustrations that didn’t make it onto the blog.

After the jump, a look back at all the stuff I wrote. Continue reading The Year In Me

I Go On Reddit So You Don’t Have To: “Manspreading”

...Don't ask.
…Don’t ask.

Blame Desmond Cole. After Goldsbie tweeted about our local MRA group petitioning for the right to spread their legs on transit, I jokingly said I’d comb Reddit for the best reactions, but only with hazard pay. Here’s my finds so far…

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Actually, It’s About Ethics In Crowdfunding Platforms

Edit: Several days later, Patreon released community guidelines prohibiting anything that “facilitates harmful or dangerous activities”, as well as users affiliated with hate groups or caught making threats or doxxing. (They also ruled out overt pornography, while allowing for NSFW content.)

Patreon then kicked out 8chan, telling the founder, “While we are aware that illustrated child exploitation imagery is not illegal in the United States, we take a strict stance, regardless of the law, on the usage of Patreon to fund or facilitate its distribution”. #welp

(Sorry. This shit never gets old.)

Currently debating whether I should keep doing subscriptions through Patreon, or switch back to good old PayPal and Interac e-transfers. Partly it’s the annoyance of Patreon’s fees and having to maintain a presence on a whole new social network. But there’s also, well…

Recently Brianna Wu called out Patreon for permitting Fred Brennan to crowdfund his site, 8chan. 8chan is a spinoff of 4chan, the bubbling primordial soup of the Internet. 4chan is not what you would call strictly moderated. But its mods’ crackdowns on harassment campaigns and child pornography have driven many users to anything-goes 8chan, where messageboards for neo-Nazis and pedophiles proliferate.

Other upstanding members of Patreon include weev, a hacker hero who also happens to be a stalker and a white supremacist; and Dave Aurini, a walking fedora whose sad attempts at filmmaking incite harassment of pop culture critic Anita Sarkeesian. And as long as they stay on this side of the law, they’re A-OK. Continue reading Actually, It’s About Ethics In Crowdfunding Platforms

The Cheat Sheet: Dec. 11 City Council

The first real City Council meeting snuck up on me! Much of the agenda will be familiar if you followed last week’s Executive Committee meeting. SmartTrack makes its debut, the budget schedule gets settled, and Mammoliti’s in trouble again.

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