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Actually, It’s About Ethics In Crowdfunding Platforms

(Sorry. This shit never gets old.)

Currently debating whether I should keep doing subscriptions through Patreon, or switch back to good old PayPal and Interac e-transfers. Partly it’s the annoyance of Patreon’s fees and having to maintain a presence on a whole new social network. But there’s also, well…

Recently Brianna Wu called out Patreon for permitting Fred Brennan to crowdfund his site, 8chan. 8chan is a spinoff of 4chan, the bubbling primordial soup of the Internet. 4chan is not what you would call strictly moderated. But its mods’ crackdowns on harassment campaigns and child pornography have driven many users to anything-goes 8chan, where messageboards for neo-Nazis and pedophiles proliferate.

Other upstanding members of Patreon include weev, a hacker hero who also happens to be a stalker and a white supremacist; and Dave Aurini, a walking fedora whose sad attempts at filmmaking incite harassment of pop culture critic Anita Sarkeesian. And as long as they stay on this side of the law, they’re A-OK. Continue reading

The Cheat Sheet - December 2014

The Cheat Sheet: Dec. 11 City Council

The first real City Council meeting snuck up on me! Much of the agenda will be familiar if you followed last week’s Executive Committee meeting. SmartTrack makes its debut, the budget schedule gets settled, and Mammoliti’s in trouble again.

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Panta rhei

merritt kopas:

when i was id’ing as nonbinary that was largely because i was fucking terrified to be a woman. and i can’t help but feel like it functions the other way around too, that being nonbinary is sometimes perceived as a way out of the devastating effects of misogyny for people who are female-assigned, even if it isn’t consciously experienced that way.

Well, yes?

I don’t think I’ll ever know whether my extraordinary discomfort with being perceived and treated as a woman is some kind of innate gender thing or if it’s just a sort of situational response to misogyny or if it’s just the sad consequence of reading too much science fiction as a child. Probably all of the above. Continue reading

Actually, It’s About Ethics In Canadian Journalism

A journalist chases after a toy Rob Ford on a pole attached to his head, calling "Question for you, Mayor Ford!"

David Hains, “Lessons from Rob Ford’s City Hall”:

As much as you’d like to hope that City Hall is too big and important an institution to be filtered through one man, that is not the case. Time and again, our public conversations have been distilled through Rob Ford’s ideology, preferences, and id. Rather than discussing important issues, like the funding crisis at Toronto’s social housing agency, we heard about the chief magistrate’s homophobia, racism, and misogyny. Would he apologize this time? What did he really mean, though? What would he say to Joe Warmington?

Jesse Brown:

I think that there’s a sense in the press that they don’t want to start something. They want to respond to something. I think that’s a misunderstanding of what the world of the press should be. I think the Toronto Star is the exception to the rule I’m about to describe, but I think, generally speaking, the Canadian press has strayed from its basic connection to its audience. We should be running toward things that have not broken yet. News should be what people don’t know about yet. Everybody is just sort of chewing on the same bone. To be in a completely responsive mode is not responsible journalism.

It’s been incredibly vindicating to see Jesse Brown come along and make these criticisms of the industry. Not that we haven’t been yelling our heads off, but there are an awful lot of media people who will only take it seriously if it comes from the the right sort of white guy. (I don’t think they even realize they do this.) If you are one of those media people, go play outside. Everyone else, keep reading: Continue reading