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The Cheat Sheet: November 2017 City Council

Since the last regular Council meeting, Council narrowly voted to appoint a Tory supporter to replace late councillor Pam McConnell; Waterfront Toronto announced its partnership with Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs; and City Manager Peter Wallace frankly discussed Toronto’s possible futures in an annual address.

On this meeting’s agenda: the Bloor bike lanes; a Parks and Rec master plan; Metrolinx fare integration; the George Street Revitalization; and more.

The Big Ticket

  • Most probably, the Bloor bike lanes. After exhaustive and frankly not really necessary study of the impact on cyclists, business, and car traffic, Council is likely to vote in favour of making the pilot project permanent. Many on Council will see this (positively or negatively) as the thin edge of the wedge. Expect a push to extend the lanes through Yorkville and across to cycling corridors like Sherbourne, as well as renewed bids for bike lanes on on other major streets.


Grants and Subsidies

Parks and Rec



Rendering of the winning design for the new Etobicoke Civic Centre. Source.

Well-Intentioned But Totally Non-Binding Appeals to Other Orders of Government


Watch the meeting live on Rogers Channel 10 YouTube or follow along on Twitter! And feel free to send along suggestions/corrections/additions.

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