The Cheat Sheet: March 31 City Council

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My apologies to everyone for this late Cheat Sheet! The recent cold snap shocked me back into hibernation, and I have spent most of the last few days asleep.

If you read the previous committee meeting Cheat Sheet you may recognize several items on this City Council agenda. Accountability officer shakeup, Fimbulwinter, oil pipelines, taxi law, the Spadina subway extension, drones, spruce, Baby Point, a Baudelaire reference, and more below the fold.


The Great Outdoors


  • Sure, Toronto released its own Accessibility Design Guidelines, but that was like ten years ago. Cllr Wong-Tam wants to make sure City by-laws and policies are in tune with the newest accessibility laws.

  • The 2014 elections might have been the city’s most accessible ever, which…isn’t setting the bar really high, I guess. Anyway, check out the report for how voters with disabilities rated the City’s new (and possible future) accessibility measures. Fun fact: 53% of post-election survey respondents with disabilities said they’d use internet voting if we had it—but only 16% felt “very confident” that their votes would be safe from tampering. Those 37% of you sure like to live on the edge.

    (P. S. If the attached PDF doesn’t work for you, hit up for a different file format.)

Getting Around

Community Development

Urban Planning

  • After Council approved a process for prioritizing which potential Heritage Conservation Districts to study, City Planning has returned with a shortlist. West Queen West, Kensington Market, and the Distillery District will get studies in 2015; Babby Baby Point, Bloor West Village, Cabbagetown Southwest and Casa Loma are on deck for 2016.

  • The up-and-coming Dufferin Triangle lands are also recommended for a planning review.



  • Return of the Son of the Casino Debate: gambling expansion at Woodbine is now on the table. Are you psyched about hearing the same arguments over and over again? I sure am!

  • Service efficiencies studies may not be worth the money, studies show.

  • Which trivial items will Cllr Ford hold for debate just to make some point about the nanny state? I’ll put 50 cents on EY4.14, Application to Remove a City Owned Tree. The applicant wishes to remove a Norway spruce because, among several reasons, the sap and cones fall on cars, its roots are breaking up the driveway, and (as is common with conifers) its shade prevents the spread of grass. (Grass lawns are terrible for the environment anyway.) The Urban Forestry department does not recommend removing the tree, as it is perfectly healthy, but Etobicoke York Community Council voted to allow the application to go ahead. It has everything to attract Cllr Ford’s ill-informed ire: drivers’ annoyances; red tape; and a decision he would agree with that would have gotten approved by default anyway. Wow, it’s 2:30 in the morning and I just wrote like 130 words about some fucking tree.

  • And this month’s Best New Nuisance Hipster Boozecan Name goes to Dundas West’s Fleurs du Mal. The runner-up is Little Portugal’s Matador Ballroom. The winner gets a liquor license! Step up and claim your prize, Fleurs du Mal!

Additions? Corrections? Let me know!

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