3 thoughts on “CBC radio stream URL update”

  1. I really appreciate the live stream url page on github. I am an American but when I graduated from graduate school in 1993 I took a road trip to the Canadian Maritimes. I was listening to CBC radio in Halifax and heard a broadcast where the interviewer stood outside of a phone booth outside a prison. She interviewed people who used the pay phone to ask them their story. In one interview she asked the person what they noticed most about being released from prison. They said color. I always thought that was one of the most interesting questions and answers I have ever heard. Ever since, I always program radio halifax into a new device in my house so that I can listen. Finding the url is always super painful. Thanks.

  2. Thanks again for this wonderful resource! As someone who’d rather not fire up a browser just to listen to the morning show or Radio 2 while at work this is really helpful. Greetings from the west!

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