A tiny running crab spider on my finger

Field journal: More spiders in pinecones

A nice routine I have fallen into over the past several months is spider-hunting while catching up on the podcast The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps. And so

“Like Rodney Dangerfield, obsessive collectors get no respect. The word ‘trainspotter’, which refers to a railway enthusiast, is, in British English, synonymous with ‘loser’, and there is indeed something slightly tragic about someone who spends all their free time looking for things the rest of us find pointless.”


Me: ಠ___ಠ

Aaaanyway, here’s a bunch of spiders and whatnot I’ve found on recent winter excursions. I am slowly getting better at finding spiders in the winter! Just another skill I’ve learned during the pandemic, along with giving myself injections, using a sewing machine, listening to podcasts, and using mascara and a lash curler.

I should probably write up a review of the podcast. And upload more recent photos. And get back to writing Arachnews. But often these days all I can do is get my (paid) work done, do necessary chores and errands, and nap. Ah well…

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