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The Cheat Sheet: July 2018 City Council

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It’s the last Council meeting of the 2014-2018 term. Whew. Here’s a rundown of the sizeable agenda, including addressing recent gun violence, end-of-term concerns, plastic straws, affordable housing of all kinds, planning studies, and the newest addition to the PATH.

The Big Ticket

In the wake of the recent spate of shootings, politicians have pledged to address community violence in Toronto. Here’s the motion; check out the report appendices for current initiatives under way and proposed investments. The police have asked for more CCTV, as well as controversial technology to detect gunshots.

Related: a Youth Violence Prevention Plan; destroying illegal guns.


The end of term calls for a few special motions:

More Council/City Hall business:

Housing and Shelter

Getting Around


Urban Planning and Development

Note: it’s been a busy year for City Planning. There’s a whole whackload of final reports; for brevity’s sake, I’ve just focused on very large or general ones. For more items, see the Planning and Growth Committee agenda and the various Community Councils.

Parks and Environment

  • You can’t escape…THE STRAW BAN!!! Hey, remember that time Cllr Holland wanted to put the five-cent plastic bag fee towards environmental causes and the whole thing eventually culminated in Council accidentally banning, then un-banning plastic bags?

  • A suite of improvements may be coming to the York Beltline Trail, from Bowie to Marlee.

  • It will surprise no one who follows the tree by-law enforcement file (uh, literally just me, I guess) that the system has lots of room for improvement. For example, the Auditor General notes, people who apply for tree removal permits have to pay fees, but not people who illegally cut them down.

  • Cllrs Paula Fletcher and Mike Layton note that it’s hard for residents to find information on what to do when a tree falls down.

  • Okay, so right now, municipalities get partly reimbursed by manufacturing and packaging industries for the cost of running their blue box recycling programs. The plan was for industry to eventually fund the whole thing. The plan has hit a snag.

  • The Government Management Committee thinks the City should buy the North York property that includes a 250-year-old oak tree. I’m so sick of this freaking oak tree, if I see this damn thing on the agenda again I’m going to go up there and chop it down myself. At least they’re not saying it’s 350 years old any more.

  • Tree Removal Permit of the Month: A twofer this time—a honey locust and a little-leaved linden tree in North York. Select quote: “Tree roots…are not physically capable of exerting the force required to crack pool basins.”



Thanks for reading, everyone! Corrections, suggestions, and other comments are always welcome.

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