The City Council D&D Alignment Chart

Born out of boredom during last month’s Council meeting. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who weighed in! Full version, text version, and notes below the fold.

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Carroll, Cressy, Davis, Layton, Perks Doucette, Filion, Fragedakis, Mihevc, Wong-Tam Augimeri, Fletcher, Perruzza
Neutral Ainslie, Bailão, Colle, Hart, McMahon, Thompson, Troisi Matlow Di Giorgio, Grimes, Karygiannis, Kelly, Shan
Evil Burnside, Campbell, Crawford, Holyday, Minnan-Wong, Pasternak Tory, Carmichael Greb, Crisanti, Ford, Holland, Lee, Palacio, Robinson, Shiner De Baeremaeker, Di Ciano, Mammoliti, Nunziata

You can also download the full size 11 MB monster, and if there’s demand I’ll put up the .xcf file.

A few notes:

  • For a conservative version, simply change Good and Evil.

  • Filion may well belong in Lawful Good.

  • Matlow is the only True Neutral because—well, in his first years as a city councillor, he was centrist to a fault, seemingly operating by no principle other than bipartisanship for its own sake. Over the years he’s evolved quite a bit and, to be honest, there are several councillors who also could be placed in True Neutral (Ainslie, Doucette, and McMahon come to mind). However, it’s funnier this way.

  • Some will protest that Grimes and Karygiannis belong solidly in Evil. In my opinion both have quirks that place them in Neutral—Grimes with last term’s crusade against recorded votes on speaking extensions, Karygiannis with his crude sympathy for the labour movement.

  • Pasternak, I feel, is slightly Chaotic due to his habit of shoehorning in motions on pet issues no matter how tenuously they’re related to whatever’s on the table. I couldn’t squish any more into Neutral Evil, though.

  • Shiner is also more Chaotic, but is nowhere near the others’ level, so Neutral Evil was the best fit.

  • I reserved Chaotic Evil for councillors who strive to undermine order and democracy itself. De Baeremaeker is there for his role in killing Transit City and pushing the Scarborough subway; Mammoliti is, well, Mammoliti, but aside from that, both he and Di Ciano have advocated against electoral reform purporting to be everyday citizens or “grassroots”. Nunziata (the Speaker) got her act together at the beginning of this term, but has since backslid into “peevish substitute teacher” mode.

  • If you are unhappy about your placement on the chart, vote and act differently.

2 thoughts on “The City Council D&D Alignment Chart”

  1. It seems interesting of your extreme bias on the chart. Anyone that votes differently than your view…is evil. Anyone who disagrees with your political views are evil.

    Matlow is beyond evil, he censors anyone that disagrees with him.

    You think people should get things for free instead of going out to get a job.
    Councillors who think people should go get a job, instead of having things given to them for free (Freeloaders) apparently are evile

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