The Cheat Sheet: February 10 City Council

They say Toronto has four seasons: winter, construction, transit debates, and complaining about liquor licences. At least, I think that’s how it goes. But there’s plenty more to talk about on this doozy of an agenda.


Cllr Josh Matlow, that shit-disturber, has submitted several administrative inquiries (fancy-pants for “questions for staff”) on the details of the planned Scarborough subway. Any one of these could generate hours of debate.

That does it for Matlow’s questions. But wait, there’s more:


…and Construction

  • For everyone who bitches about road construction taking forever/starting too early and ending too late: pick one.

  • Planned Nathan Phillips Square shit we can’t afford now: PATH improvements, renovating the ramp and elevated walkways, a planned restaurant, and more. (They’ll probably get done eventually, but will each be separate projects put out for tender.)

  • Several Pan Am/Parapan Games projects came in under budget, so the money is getting shuffled to other projects. Also, if you thought some Games venues being City facilities meant you wouldn’t get stiffed on bottled water, you were wrong.

  • Similarly, leftover money from delayed, finished, or under-spent Toronto Water projects is being reallocated to projects that are moving faster or costing more than originally estimated. If you’re passionate about basement flooding programs, sewage pumping stations, or biosolids treatment, you are probably Janet Davis in which case you’ve probably already read this report so never mind.

  • Toronto is woefully behind on preserving its heritage properties from encroaching development. Plan A: Chief Planner Jen Keesmaat adopts a proactive new strategy to identify historically important buildings. Plan B: we handcuff ourselves to heritage buildings in danger of demolishing.

  • Why do roads get potholes? Cllr Perruzza just doesn’t know.


Let’s Go To the Ex


I left out quite a bit this time! Have I omitted something important? Let me know. And tune in next week for my livetweets.

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