Mean Councillors

Mean Council



This is going to be your guide to City Council. Where you sit at Council is crucial, because you’ve got everybody there.

The freshmen,

Credit: Tomasz Bugajski, blogTO
Ana Bailao
Credit: Mary Gaudet, Metroland
Sarah Doucette
Credit: Carlos Osorio, Toronto Star
Jaye Robinson
Credit: Christopher Drost, National Post
Josh Colle
Credit: Toronto Star
Mary Fragedakis
Credit: ?
Mary Margaret McMahon
Credit: Rene Johnston, Toronto Star
Michelle Berardinetti
Credit: ?
Vince Crisanti

the transfer students,

Credit: Matthew Sherwood, National Post
Peter Leon
Credit: Colin McConnell, Toronto Star
Ceta Ramkhalawansingh

Jewish nerds,

Credit: ?
Josh Matlow
Credit: Toronto Star
David Shiner
Credit: Toronto Sun
James Pasternak

Asian nerds,

Credit: ?
Chin Lee
Credit: CTV
Denzil Minnan-Wong

cool Asians,

Credit: Matthew Kupfer, Toronto Standard
Kristyn Wong-Tam
Credit: Andrew Wallace, Toronto Star
Raymond Cho

debate club,

Credit: Peter J. Thompson, National Post
Michael Thompson
Credit: Darren Calabrese, National Post
Norm Kelly
Credit: Toronto Sun
John Parker


Credit: Yasmin Soul, Beach Metro Community News
Janet Davis
Credit: ?
Shelley Carroll
Credit: Christopher Drost, Toronto Life
Pam McConnell


Credit: Tyler Anderson, National Post
Cesar Palacio
Credit: Toronto Sun
Mike Del Grande
Credit: Moeser's office
Ron Moeser

desperate wannabes,

Credit: Michael Peake, Toronto Sun
Paul Ainslie
Credit: ?
Karen Stintz
Credit: Toronto Sun
Glenn de Baeremaeker
Credit: Toronto Sun
Anthony Perruzza

band geeks,

Credit: Lisa Mayor, Humber Etc.
Mike Layton, Maria Augimeri, Paula Fletcher
Credit: Birchcliff News
Gary Crawford (drummer)

the greatest people you will ever meet…

More Scoobies
More Scoobies

…and the worst.

The Fords are Toronto royalty. If City Hall were US Weekly, they would always be on the cover.

Credit: lost to the mists of time

That one there, that’s Rob Ford. He is one of the dumbest politicians you’ll ever meet. He got filmed smoking crack and making bigoted remarks…twice.

Credit: Steve Russell, Toronto Star

The yelling one? That’s his brother Doug. They’re totally rich because their dad patented shampoo labels. Doug Ford knows everybody’s business. He knows everything about everyone…well, at least he thinks he does.

Credit: CP24

And evil takes a human form in Giorgio Mammoliti. Don’t be fooled, because he may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing, attention-whore sleaze-bag. But in reality, he is so much more than that. Giorgio Mammoliti…How do I even begin to explain Giorgio Mammoliti?

Credit: ?
“Once he took off his shirt in a scrum to protest the nude beach at Hanlan’s Point.”
Credit: Jack Boland, Toronto Sun
“Once he tabled a motion to pay for a tax freeze by building a giant casino boat.”
Credit: Steve Russell, Toronto Star
“…and Rob Ford voted for it!”







Credit: Steve Russell, Toronto Star
“I hear his thumb’s insured for $10,000.”
Credit: Andrew Francis Wallace, Toronto Star
“I hear he can smell Communists…”
Credit: David Rider, Toronto Star
“…on his Facebook page.”







Credit: Aaron Harris, Toronto Star
“One time, he threatened to kick me in the nuts and in the face at the same time. It was awesome.”

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