The Cheat Sheet: May 6 City Council

Guess what just happened? My birthday! And, in hobbit fashion, I have a gift for you: the Good Bits version of the upcoming City Council meeting agenda.

A few highlights: restricting campaign donation rebates; bringing EDM back to Exhibition Place; a new housing allowance program for seniors; and a proposal to appoint a Photo Laureate.

Edit: As usual, if I’ve made any mistakes or missed something important, let me know!

Good Governance

Rob Ford Stuff

Note: the mayor won’t actually be at this meeting, as to everyone’s surprise he announced he was going to rehab for a month. This became slightly less of a surprise when three separate reports of inappropriate behaviour surfaced immediately afterwards. This means 100% less dangerous press stampedes in the chamber. Edit: the mayor’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

  • When former Ford ally Cllr Ainslie voted against the Scarborough subway last fall, the mayor got back at him by robocalling Ainslie’s constituents. The Integrity Commissioner has just concluded it was a Code of Conduct violation, and is requesting that the mayor apologize. In future, dude, just stick to holding down applications for minor zoning by-law variances in your enemies’ wards, okay?

  • Mayor Ford doesn’t want the cost of constituency offices, newsletters, or staff phones coming out of the general expense budget. This means councillors would have to cut back on other office expenses — or, if they happen to be filthy rich, pay for it out of their own pocket. Democracy!

  • In a deeply sketchy move, Exhibition Place’s board of directors voted to ban electronic dance music events. This effectively gives nightclub Muzik (which gets a lot of business from the mayor) a monopoly on parties. Cllr Layton would like to remind everyone that the City’s policy permits raves on City property so events can take place in a safe environment.


Urban Planning


  • The long-running program Youth Employment Toronto just had its federal funding cut, leaving a $400,000 shortfall. Cllr Mihevc wants to use the budget surplus to make up the difference.

  • Scadding Court Community Centre at Dundas and Bathurst has swimming pools, childcare facilities, a library, and a fantastic little outdoor market run out of shipping containers. It also looks like it hasn’t gotten a fresh coat of paint since 1970. Now, like nearby Alexandra Park, it’s up for revitalization.

  • Dang, Joe, you’re busy this month. Cllr Mihevc proposes creating the position of Photo Laureate, like our totally bomb-ass Poet Laureate, but with photography.

  1. Residents and people who own property here are eligible to vote. 

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