The Matlow Jar

A plastic jar with a photo of councillor Josh Matlow taped on it.

Because people periodically ask:

One evening I was having post-council drinks when Josh Matlow’s EA came up and introduced himself. When he learned who I was, he chided me for being so hard on Matlow that day on Twitter (I believe I had called him “beige”) and gave an eloquent defence of his boss.

In embarrassment, I resolved to cut Matlow (and the rest of Council) some slack, and to that end I set aside a jar, kind of like a swear jar. Every time I say something unnecessarily mean about a municipal politician, I put 25 cents in the jar.

There are several bucks in there now. I haven’t decided what to do with the money yet, but it will probably go towards buying drinks for the councillors who receive the brunt of my wrath.

The More You Know

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