Who Pays Toronto Writers?

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So you want to work as a writer/reporter/pundit in Toronto? Ha ha ha ha ha! May God have mercy on your soul, abandon hope all ye who enter here, etc. I'm not saying it's impossible; quite a few freelancers have worked their way up to the masthead. And if you think you can do it before the journalism industry inevitably collapses in on itself like a dying, bloated star, more power to you! Just don't quit your day job, because you're gonna be busting your ass for free. If you're lucky, it will merely be disgustingly exploitative rather than flagrantly illegal. So, in the spirit of Manjula Martin’s Who Pays Writers, here's a list of local outlets, who owns them (if applicable), and their rates, all as far as I know. The original list was compiled in March/April 2014 and I'll update it as new information comes in.

A few notes:

  • Publications are listed alphabetically.
  • All rates are per piece unless otherwise specified.
  • For some publications, I only have print rates so far; assume rates for online work will be a bit less.
  • Publications at the same "level" (e. g. waiting-room magazine, lifestyle site, etc.) owned by the same giant media conglomerate can be expected to have similar rates.
  • Some publications rely on their own staff more than others. If you plan on pitching, check how many recent pieces are by staff writers vs. freelancers.
  • See the changelog for a history of updates.

Current "most wanted": up-to-date pay for Daily Hive, Canadaland, BuzzFeed, CBC Opinion. Gotta keep the new kids on their toes.

The List

Magazines and Websites


Note: for op-eds, expect a small honorarium, about $50-100.

Other Resources

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