Adventures in poverty: toothache

  • so I’ve got a toothache
  • it hurts. a lot
  • I want to go all tom hanks in cast away on it
  • but I don’t have ice skates
  • so far ibuprofen is working decently
  • phoned the university dental clinic
  • the next screening appointment is in february
  • took an emergency appointment instead
  • first thing on tuesday which is also city council
  • maybe they can just yank the tooth out
  • and I’ll get to city council by the time they’re done the order paper
  • I’m not especially attached to this tooth
  • it’s $44
  • it probably costs extra for x-rays
  • dear god, after this i will floss EVERY DAY i swear
  • just don’t let me have to pay for a root canal
  • kthxbai

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